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The Bergstrom Group is an insights consultancy with a passion for telling the story of new China. Our goal is to uncover perspectives to help you understand who your customers are and forecast trends that will drive change in the market.

Our work (like people, brands, and culture itself) is not static or singular; it is constantly moving and evolving. In every project we undertake, we focus on three critical areas: knowing your business, empathizing with your consumers to help you understand them, and making insights both exciting and action-ready.



We (literally) wrote the book on Chinese youth.
Mary Bergstrom's All Eyes East is the first work I have seen that identifies the fundamental motivations of China's "new generation." - Tom Doctoroff, CEO, Asia Pacific at JWT and author of What Chinese Want
This is the China must-read book of 2012. - Ian Stewart, VP Global Marketing, CONS & Jack Purcell at Converse
If you want to know about Chinese youth start here. - Frederique Covington Corbett, Chief Marketing Officer Microsoft, AsiaPac